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Peril Score

Peril Score™ is a unique and powerful advanced analytics tool that measures the relative propensity to claim for a peril at a particular address and the estimated loss cost of the claim. It accurately predicts the likelihood and severity of water, fire, wind/hail, and crime loss by geo-coded property address.

Peril Score empowers you to:
  • Identify properties that are more at risk for claims frequency and severity
  • Drive individual risk and pricing selection
  • Reduce combined ratio
  • Maintain competitiveness and protect from anti-selection
  • Efficiently and accurately target properties requiring physical inspection
  • Improve ability to rate for risk 
Residential Findings

Ontario Water

Opta’s Peril Scores have been able to predict and identify over $260 million of Ontario’s water related losses by zeroing in on only 30% of the worst performing scores.

Opta’s Peril Score models have shown significant lift with the most analytically advanced carriers in Canada. Water and sewer back-up Peril Scores have enabled carriers to surgically analyze and segment their existing books in order to ensure that premiums are priced according to the risk’s likelihood to claim.

15x ROI

Alberta Wind & Hail

Opta’s Peril Scores have been able to predict and identify over $200m of Alberta’s wind & hail losses by zeroing in on only 20% of the worst performing scores.

Historically, Wind & Hail has been an increasing challenge for the industry with no apparent solution that can provide a definitive return on investment. With Opta’s Peril Score models, insurers can see a positive return on their investment by surgically analyzing and re-rating only the bottom 20% of their book.

12x ROI

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