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Our People: Andrea Bailey

"I truly value my customer relationships, and am committed to giving my clients the best customer experience possible."

From the desk of Andrea Bailey

Throughout my career in the insurance industry, I have faced many client challenges; the key to their successful resolution has always been listening intently to the needs and wants that my customers express. This establishes trust, which is essential in forging a valued working relationship.

While working with a previous employer, I had a client that was having issues relating to a complicated and confusing invoicing system. The client wanted a less complicated, more centralized way to invoice, and an easier way to audit the invoices. Even though this task was not part of my typical sales job, I took it upon myself to come up with a solution that would meet the clients' needs, and still work within the parameters of our organization and our internal IT departments.

This was a large undertaking with lots of consultation and roll out effort, but, in the end, the customer was thrilled. Like all of my customers, they recognized that to me, they were more than just a client – they were a partner as well.


Andrea has been part of the insurance industry for more than 15 years. Her various positions in Business Development, and as a Senior Consultant, have given her extensive expertise in the fields of insurance, sales, customer management, marketing, and business analysis. In all of these positions, her main focus continues to be placed on understanding her client’s varied needs – and relentlessly delivering on them.  Andrea holds a Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, from Western University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Securities from Humber College.