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Our People: Greg McCutcheon

”I sincerely care about my clients, and I delight in offering them services that promise a high return on investment."

From the desk of Greg McCutcheon

In November of 2009, I approached a major client with the then newly-created concept of iClarify™. The application didn't exist yet, but we had developed a beta application that demonstrated how the replacement cost engine would function. I informed the client that this tool could dramatically reduce the time it took to perform a property quote and update their in force property book to accurate values. I was able to convince them to advance-fund the project through my conviction that this tool would work, even though the application had yet to be developed. I made this sale based on my comprehensive experience building relationships and delivering on promises. Today, that major client has fully integrated iClarify™ in all aspects of the underwriting process for both new business and renewal, and their property quote process time has been reduced from 35 minutes to two minutes.


Greg has worked in the insurance industry since 1994, and has been with SCM Insurance Services for the past six years; including four years as President of SCM Risk Management Services, and two years as President of Opta.   He has extensive knowledge of insurance underwriting workflow and data underwriting information processing, which gives him an advantage in developing innovative products and services. As President of Opta Information Intelligence, he constantly seeks to maintain Opta’s position as an industry leader by envisioning new services and solutions that drive efficiency and enhance the accuracy of the underwriting process.