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Our People: Joe Alfano

"I am passionately committed to not just meet the expectations of a client, but exceed them in any way I can."

From the desk of Joe Alfano

Early on in my career, when I worked as a producer for a large insurance brokerage, a customer came into my office distressed that her insurance provider was planning to place her policy into a facility market on her renewal. As we discussed the situation further, I discovered her underage son had been charged with careless driving. I immediately felt challenged to search the markets to find coverage that would work for this family. After several phone calls to a variety of insurance companies, I was able to find a market willing to write the policy. This helped the family save hundreds of dollars, for which they were extremely grateful – earning me many referrals. This experience early in my career showed me how working harder and going the extra mile for my clients is essential to success in this industry.



Joe has spent over 25 years in the insurance industry and has worked for the past eight years with SCM Insurance Services.  An excellent communicator, he has worked hard to build lasting relationships with colleagues at all levels of the industry.   Throughout his career, Joe has been continually recognized for his ability to achieve optimal business results through teamwork, dedicated leadership, and a passionate commitment to exceed client expectations through transparent communication. He is an active member of COHA, the Canadian Oil Heat Association.