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Commercial Peril Score

  • A single address or business name is all you need to unlock geo-coded risk intelligence
  • Commercial Peril Score data
  • Understand the true exposure on your risk

delivers highly accurate risk scores for 16 different perils

In a fiercely competitive and increasingly challenging commercial lines marketplace, Opta’s new Commercial Peril Score solution displays an unparalleled scope of risk related insight to a particular piece of business, allowing savvy underwriters to better manage their existing portfolio while ensuring they are growing their book profitably.

The Commercial Perils Solution is the most sophisticated risk analysis tool of its kind in Canada, containing data for 3.6 million commercial locations and 10 years’ worth of claims information. Aggregating and analyzing data from a wide array of sources, it looks at far more than just risk factors associated with the single piece of business being quoted – it knows about the building the business is in, the nearby businesses, and surrounding risks in the neighbourhood at large.

With Opta’s solution, a single address and business name is all you need to unlock geocoded property intelligence, and to segment the good from the bad risks with much greater precision. Blending unprecedented amounts of data with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the solution delivers highly accurate risk scores for 16 different perils, with the score for each peril ranging between one and 100.

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