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Inspection Score

Do you know which properties are more prone to a loss and need to be inspected?

Opta’s new Inspection Score solution removes the ambiguity, reduces any hidden risk, and allows you to precisely identify where to invest your inspection budgets for maximum return. By leveraging our predictive analytics, machine learning technology, and thousands of inspection recommendations from Opta Precise Services, Inspection Score is a number between 1 and 100 (100 is high-risk) that predicts the likelihood of a severe issue within a home that may lead to a future loss.

Proactively identify on a risk-by-risk basis in your portfolio which residential or commercial properties are more prone to have claims and need to be inspected based on known loss issues ranging from poor housekeeping to the condition of oil tanks and wood stoves. This targeted approach is a strong mitigation strategy allowing you to re-rate risks and collect proper premiums on heavily underinsured properties.

Opta’s research shows that more inspections yield a higher return and decreased loss cost. Get in touch with us to learn more about Inspection Score and rehabilitate your book today.