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Municipal Consulting Services

Improve your community’s fire protection services to levels that are recognized by the insurance community to save on insurance premiums and to make your community a safe place to live.

Fire protection services represent a significant investment for municipalities. Long-term planning is required to establish the infrastructure needed to attain standardized and recognized fire protection levels.

Many municipalities engage Opta’s Municipal Fire Consultants to help them evaluate, plan, improve, and set up effective fire prevention programs. With backgrounds in risk assessment, engineering, and fire protection services, our municipal fire consultants work with communities to measure relevant variables such as:

  • Fire hydrant locations
  • Land topography (flood plain analysis)
  • Sewer and drainage systems
  • Water supply systems and flow capacity
  • Fire station locations
  • Fire-fighting resources (personnel and equipment)
  • Risk exposures
  • Etc.

Using geo-spatial indexing technology, our Fire Consultants then deliver a report that presents all this material on layered, digitized maps which you can use to better understand patterns and trends in your risk information. We will also provide you with recommendations for improvements, future planning, and deployment.

Our Municipal Fire Consultation Services can also include:

  • Fire prevention studies
  • Sprinkler fire plan reviews
  • Fire service master plans
  • Building code analysis
  • Optimization studies
  • Emergency communication modeling