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iClarify services are supported by 90% of Canadian Insurance Companies and distributed to the broker community through Applied Systems, Keal, and also available as a direct service to the P&C Community.

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iClarify  has become an important component of the underwriting process for RSA. It is a valuable tool that enhances our underwriting sophistication by allowing us to more accurately assess risk. The valuation data and property images from iClarify provide important information that helps ensure that our risks are accurately insured to value. 

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iClarify  has provided us with technology that leverages an unparalleled range of data combined with insurance-specific inspection experience. This synergy has resulted in increased frontline production and improved risk selection. iClarify’s solution has allowed us to accurately and efficiently verify our data, which has resulted in decreased processing time, improved customer experience, and superior policy quality. 

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iClarify  equips our distribution partners and underwriters with timely property images and valuation information, improving their ability to provide service and to assess risks earlier, more easily, and more accurately. High quality information is a cornerstone of our industry. TEIG is proud to be an early and continuing supporter of iClarify. 

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Our ability to fully understand and assess the risks that we are asked to underwrite, including the ones that we already have on our books, is greatly enhanced due to the iClarify tool. It gives the underwriter the ability to review the risk and deal with valuation issues upfront instead of after the fact. Being able to see the actual risk being presented to the underwriter and knowing that we have the correct location is invaluable on an immediate basis. iClarify not only helps our underwriting results, but will help solve the long-term underinsurance problem suffered by our industry. 

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