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Opta launches Commercial Peril Score

15 April 2015

TORONTO - Opta Information Intelligence (Opta), Canada’s leading provider of property intelligence and innovative technology solutions, is proud to introduce technology that embraces the industry trend toward predictive analytics while allowing insurers to take their commercial portfolio underwriting to a new level of sophistication with the launch of Commercial Peril Score™.

This powerful and unique tool provides the ability to identify commercial properties more at risk for claims frequency and severity by geo-coded address. It is designed to augment current information and processes employed by insurers to help them more effectively underwrite and rate properties by providing a better understanding of the risk as it relates to losses.

Peril Score™ can be applied by companies using their own internal data analytical models or as a turn-key, standalone solution for organizations who have not yet developed internal analytics. “We are delighted to introduce the power of Commercial Peril Score™ to the Canadian insurance industry. Stay ahead in the race and utilize this exciting new product to gauge risk and profitability on a location by location basis,” states Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta Information Intelligence.

With Opta’s new Peril Score™, insurers are empowered to enhance the risk dissemination of underlying properties, improve rate precision and underwriting assessment/selection, implement better loss controls, and protect themselves from anti-selection.

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