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Savings with iClarify

09 July 2015

The Challenge

A leading Ontario insurance broker was looking for ways to streamline their renewal and quoting process as they relied on the insured to provide them with underwriting information, which was often insufficient for quoting and inaccurate. They were also using a replacement cost tool which took 20 minutes to process one quote, consuming valuable time. They needed to find a more accurate, efficient way for its agents, underwriters, and call centres to assess and quote a risk.

The Solution

Opta Information Intelligence presented a comprehensive solution; iClarify™, the only desktop tool that lets you validate property data instantly, accurately and efficiently. As a point-of-sale application, iClarify™ provides unique property data, geo-coded imagery, and valuation services that draw from leading-edge technology and the largest repositories of total loss claims and inspection data nation-wide. Using iClarify™, agents could instantly retrieve accurate property intelligence and street-level imagery, empowering them to “see” the risk they were underwriting and make informed decisions. iClarify™ provided critical dwelling data elements which could quickly and easily be verified during a call with the client. In addition to this, their process became more streamlined as iClarify™ was directly incorporated into Applied Systems with automatic attachment into TAM Systems.

The Savings

The Power of iClarify™

With real-time access to extensive valuation data and property information through iClarify™, the broker was able to create a more efficient quoting process, enhance their customer experience, ensure property quotes are accurately insured to value, and ultimately provide better protection for their customers. Real-time information also meant agents could enhance their credibility with clients due to their knowledge of several significant property details at point-of-sale. Client calls have been dramatically reduced, contributing to a more positive customer experience. Agents are now making more informed decisions due to instant access to accurate, consistently updated information. They can now proceed efficiently through the renewal process by asking the right questions, by rating and accepting the right risks, and by providing accurate renewal quotes.

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