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Fire Safety in Canada Recognition

28 October 2015

Opta is proud to recognize the firefighting community and its star fire chiefs. This was on display on September 25th, as Opta’s Fire Underwriters Survey® was a sponsor of the Annual Awards of Excellence during the CAFC Annual Education Conference in Victoria, B.C. The event was conducted in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs and Fire Rescue Canada.

Two awards were presented; one for the volunteer sector and one for the full-time sector. Winners received a glass-etched plaque and a monetary award donated to a charity of their choice. The awards recognize fire chiefs who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the betterment of their community and the Fire Services Industry, in the areas of safety, sustainable community program development, education and community service.

Opta would like to congratulate the 2015 Awards of Excellence distinguished recipients: Chief Ted Bryan of Otonabee-South Fire Rescue, Ontario, for the volunteer sector award, and Daniel Brazeau, from De D’Autray, Québec for the full time award. Mr. Brazeau is also President of the Quebec Fire Chiefs Association. “Both of our Fire Chiefs of the Year are mandated to protect the lives and property of their citizens. To do so effectively, they must be committed to training, public education, appropriate equipment and a constant drive to find ever-better ways of doing things” CAFC’s President, Fire Chief Paul Boissonneault observed. “More than anything else,” he added, “they have equally shown themselves to be true leaders.”

We thank them for their continued dedication to protecting lives and properties across Canada.

From left: Jim MacLeod, VP FUS, Chief Ted Bryan, Paul Boissonneault, President CAFC

From left: Samir Hasbani, Director FUS, Mrs. Monique St-Pierre Brazeau and Daniel Brazeau, President QFCA

From left: Jim MacLeod, Daniel Brazeau and Paul Boissonneault

A service to Insurers and Municipalities,Fire Underwriters Survey®(FUS) sets fire insurance grades that have become an important part of the insurers’ underwriting and actuarial fire risk evaluation programs, through its Canadian Fire Insurance Grading Index. FUS was formed to address the lack of public fire protection in Canada.

Local governments spend an estimated $3.8 billion per year on public fire protection for communities across Canada. One of the most important stories that fire departments tell stakeholders to ensure their funding is the importance of providing fire protection to insurers. FUS ensures communities invest in public fire protection programs that meet the standards of the insurance industry of Canada and are rewarded with improved access to insurance products and improved insurance premiums.

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