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Opta wins Canadian Insurance Analytics Innovator of the Year

17 May 2016

Opta Wins Canadian Insurance Analytics Innovator of the Year

Toronto-May 17, 2016

Alongside the Insurance Analytics Canada Summit, which took place in Toronto on May 12-13, Insurance Nexus hosted an awards ceremony to recognize leaders at the forefront of the Canadian insurance industry.  

Opta is proud to announce its win as the Canadian Insurance Analytics Innovator of the Year. The award was given in recognition of Opta’s achievements in analytics and innovation, along with the organization’s ability to deliver solutions that have changed the industry and continue to reshape the way insurers and underwriters manage risk.

Over the past five years, Opta, architects of the iClarify™ valuation tool, has been working with multiple insurance carriers within the Canadian P&C industry on various forms of predictive analytics as a means to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Given its success, Opta has continued to expand its suite of services and innovations over the past year using advanced analytics, big data, and machine learning technology to develop some of the industry’s newest and most exciting products such as iClarify Prefill,Commercial Peril, Flood Score, Inspection/Attribute Score, and OptaCAT.

“The partnership we forge with our customers is something that’s quite unique and the major reason we’ve been successful in attaining distinguished market stature,” explains Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta. As the largest property data aggregator in Canada, Opta has geo-coded intelligence on 10 million residential and over two million commercial properties nationwide. “Used by 90 percent of Canadian insurance companies for new business quotes and policy issuance, the speed at which we deploy products at our client’s place of business is essentially distinctive and trendsetting.”

Looking to the future, Opta is focused on building best-in-class products by leveraging competent technology and evolving trends. “We aim for innovation fueled growth based on our core values of team spirit, persistence, and passion. Having these traits at the core, we strive to ensure greater success and customer satisfaction in the coming years ahead,” concludes McCutcheon.

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