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Opta Talks Digital Transformation and the Future of the Insurance Space with Gore Mutual

02 May 2019

In a wide-ranging report discussing business intelligence, self-service analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other developments in the P&C marketplace, Gore Mutual and its Vice President, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Jamie McDougall, highlight innovation by sharing the spotlight with industry leaders like Opta Information Intelligence.

Opta contributed an article entitled “Transforming the Insurance World from Information to Insight”. The piece discusses Opta’s competitive advantage thanks to our expertise in the Canadian insurance industry as well as our unprecedented access to the largest property data set in commercialized property. Opta’s use of technological advances such as advanced artificial intelligence and satellite imagery has supported digital transformation throughout the insurance space, and Gore Mutual Insurance has been a strong partner in that development.

Opta is a proud partner of Gore Mutual and is pleased to be included in this exciting report. Published in partnership with several leading industry magazines, Gore Mutual Insurance’s digital report is available now. Click here

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