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Opta Precise Services

Current trends suggest as many as 70% of buildings in Canada are under-insured by as much as 40%. Ensuring proper Replacement Cost estimates are included in your policy coverage is an important component of an overall prudent risk management program. Whether you require a simple exterior survey or a high-valued home appraisal, we have the products and services to meet your Residential risk information needs.

Residential Solutions

Residential Appraisal Services

Room by room appraisals of entire dwellings designed specifically for high-value homes which include Supplementary Reports on items such as wood stoves, out-structures, water damage prevention, storage tanks, home-based business and rental units, and on-site recommendations.

Executive Reports

Risks with a replacement cost calculation value over $500,000. They include room by room inspection by a senior Evaluation Specialist, full narrative description with numerous photos, risk information provided in a Risk Assessment Profile, scale diagram, and replacement cost calculation. The Executive report also includes the Water Damage Prevention Report, plus other supplementary reports based on property features.

Gold Reports

Risks with a replacement cost calculation between $300,000 and $499,999. They include room by room inspection, risk information, narrative description, loss control recommendations, scale diagram, and replacement cost calculation. Supplementary reports based on the property features, including the Water Damage Prevention Report, are also completed.

All Risk Reports

Risks with a replacement cost calculation of up to $299,999. They include room by room inspection, risk information, loss control recommendations, and replacement cost calculation. Supplementary reports based on the property features, including the Water Damage Prevention Report, are also completed.

Stand Alone Reports

Project-based reports include Solid Fuel Burning Appliance (e.g., Wood stoves) and Storage Tanks (e.g., Oil tanks), normally completed as supplementary reports.

Commercial Solutions

Risk Assessment Surveys

Get custom-tailored reports for restaurants and liquor-licensed establishments, retail, apartments and condominiums, hotels and motels, religious facilities, hardware and building supply, garage and autobody, daycare centres and nursing homes, printers, and farming.

Manufacturing Surveys

Get a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process at the premises, what type of product is being made, the raw materials required, the types of machines used, and the final product description.

Premise Liability Surveys

Develop a clear understanding of the type of due diligence practices that should be in place for any business or property that receives visitors, delivery people, or other invited persons on their premises.

Product Liability Surveys

Get a detailed overview of operating procedures, goods produced, construction or installation methods, and the completed operations hazards of various products.

Contractor Equipment Surveys

Receive a comprehensive overview of the type of equipment they are insuring, the type of business operating that equipment, and the physical area surrounding the operations. This comprehensive report helps determine the scope of a risk as it pertains to loss prevention, improving safety, or enhancing protection.

Course of Construction Surveys

Construction activities on an insured site need to be effectively monitored by underwriters, brokers, and risk managers. These surveys are conducted in order to provide accurate information regarding risk throughout all stages of construction from site preparation to final wrap-up.

Playground & Equipment Assessments

Safety is paramount when it comes to playground and equipment used for recreation by children and youth. Ensure your playgrounds and equipment are free of potential hazards and equipment that is in disrepair by providing Playground & Equipment Appraisals. They evaluate all spaces to determine potential liabilities and keep everything compliant with all current safety standards.

Commercial Appraisal Services

Get an accurate replacement cost appraisal conducted by one of our professional engineers and/or registered appraisers who leverage our in-house custom valuation tools to provide you with a precise valuation in a cost-effective manner.

Specialized Services

We have the capability to go above and beyond what a regular insurance appraisal requires with our extensive knowledge and background in a variety of specialized areas that require insurance surveys and appraisals, including:

  • Building and Fire Codes
  • Safety, Fleets, and Plan Reviews
  • Aviation
  • Ship-building yards
  • Marinas
  • Sprinkler Plan Reviews
  • Construction sites
  • Boiler Programs
  • Environmental Sustainability Verifications
  • Building Condition Reporting
  • School Board and University Risk Programs
  • Dealership/Fleet Programs
  • Hospital Risk Assessments
  • Government Risk Programs
  • Real Estate - Property Management Risk Programs
  • Cooperative Housing Projects
  • Crime and Security Assessments
  • Fire Plans

Our Expertise

With more than 150 loss control experts across Canada, Opta Precise Services is the leading source of loss control services in Canada with the experience to handle all types of residential or commercial properties in an effective and professional manner. In addition to technical qualifications such as WETT (Wood Energy Transfer Technology) training and CET (Certified Engineering Technologist), our team has an abundance of professional qualifications, including CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) and CRM (Certified Risk Manager) designations.