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Episode 3: The Rental Market is Heating Up

13 May 2022

As the rental market across Canada continues to recover from the pandemic, average rents are increasing 6.2% annually for single-family homes, townhouses, and condo units. With workers returning to the office and the population trying to move past the pandemic, we expect rental demand to persist and gradually increase. Meanwhile, issues such as supply chain, inflation, increasing interest rates, immigration, and general uncertainty around costs such as fuel will drive continuing fluctuation in rental rates.

Understanding the rental potential of your book of business at a granular level is more critical than ever. What are you doing to keep your portfolio healthy while maintaining a great customer experience at point of sale?

About the Expert

Derek has spent the last 13 years working in various risk management roles within the financial services sector, building a strong understanding of the mortgage process and witnessing the benefits and efficiencies that big data delivers as part of the overall customer experience. As an Account Manager for Financial Services & Real Estate, Derek works with customers to accelerate their digital transformation with simple mortgage solutions driven by the industry’s best data ever!

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