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The Fire Insurance Plans mapped the streets and buildings of urban Canada in great detail. These plans illustrate building construction, occupancy and potential fire hazards. The original fire insurance plans were produced by Chas. E. Goad Co. between 1875 and 1923. The plans were produced and updated until production ceased in 1974.

Fire insurance plans are an invaluable resource due to their ability to trace the historic development of many communities across Canada. Revisions to fire insurance plans allow researchers to piece together a history of site development including changes in building locations, building additions, and site redevelopment.

Fire insurance maps provide detailed information regarding above and below-ground storage tanks, transformers, boilers, and electrical rooms. These plans provide a community perspective by including information on surrounding properties.

Chemical sample top down view of an area Enviro Hazard sample top down view of an area Chemical sample top down view of an area
BC Prairies Ontario Québec Atlantic
Fire Insurance Plan
Per Year of Coverage*
$110 $125 $110 $125 $125
Research Fee** $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

* Note some years may include multiple maps of coverage

**The research fee is applied once per address searched and applies to a full search for Fire Insurance Plans, Inspection Reports and Site Plans.

Inspection Reports

Property Underwriters Reports provide detailed information on a site-specific basis. Reports include descriptions of building construction, heating sources, production processes, and the presence of any hazardous chemicals or materials which may be stored on site. They also indicate the presence of environmental hazards such as electrical rooms, transformers, boilers, and storage tanks.

Fire Rate Calculation Detail (FRCD) now known as COPE Report

The FRCD is a computerized rate calculation based on IAO’s Commercial Property Fire Rating Schedule. An FRCD outlines the components and rates for the risk’s Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure (COPE). It is available for all mercantile, manufacturing and sprinklered risks.

Primarily used for descriptions of property, occupants and/or indicators of potential environmental liability, e.g. tanks

Mercantile Survey (FRCD)

The mercantile survey is an inspection report produced for "risks" which are not manufacturing or sprinklered. Generally, these risks are Wholesale, Retail and some light manufacturing having less than five (5) employees.

This survey produces a brief outline of the risk as a whole, information on construction, occupancy, protection and exposure and risks.

Similar to the FRCD, used to pinpoint any indicators of potentials liability with respect to contamination of soil, water, etc.

Multirisk Survey

This survey is ideal for the small-to-medium sized commercial building and tenant such as retail stores, restaurants and offices. In addition to providing underwriting information on construction, occupancy, protection and exposure, the MuiltiRisk basic survey report includes additional information on liability and crime.

Short and concise descriptions of a property. Similar to Sprinklered Risk Surveys and All Risk reports with as much detail and smaller focus. Note: Good substitute if inspection reports are not available.

Sprinklered Risk Survey

This inspection report provides detailed technical information on the following:

  • Building construction
  • Sprinkler system grading including water supply adequacy and alarms
  • Process hazards, high piling, exposures
  • Business interruption details, management loss prevention programs
  • Tenant lists with occupancy/hazards
  • Recommendation, outlining fire protection/prevention and improvements

Of all products, the Sprinklered Risk Survey in addition to the All Risk Report is the most valuable. They provide the most details with respect to a site and are the most popular with our Environmental clients.

All Risk

This comprehensive inspection report is ideal for risks of all sizes and complexities and contains a fire, liability, crime and all-risk section. Key underwriting information includes the occupancy, building construction, common and special hazards, public and private fire protection, faults of management, building exposures, basic crime and liability exposures and all-risk information including flood, earthquake, water damage, collapse, sewer back-up etc. Recommendations are graded according to severity. Where critical deficiencies are observed, a "Risk Alert" is issued and the requesting underwriter is contacted to describe the problem.

Broad focus and scope. Produces information on a variety of characteristics that may be of interest to environmental clients. These characteristics include but are not limited to, electrical, heating fuel consumption, date of building.

Occupancy Specific

This "risk specific" inspection is designed for specific occupancies e.g. Restaurants, Hotel/Motel, Print Shops, Hardware and Building Supply dealers, Garage and Auto Body Shops, Religious Facilities, Day Care Centres and Apartment/Condos.

This report captures all the information contained in the All Risk report plus comprehensive information unique to such occupancy e.g. cooking appliances and the adequacy of fire extinguishing equipment for Restaurants and the use/storage of flammable and combustible liquids for Print Shops and Garage Auto Body Shops.

Specialized reports which provide details on potential contaminant sources (e.g. tank, type size/year built). This report has a very narrow focus on characteristics with respect to specific risk.

BC Prairies Ontario Québec Atlantic
Inspection Report
for target address (each)
$60 $60 $60 $60 $60
Research Fee* $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

*The research fee is applied once per address searched and applies to a full search for Fire Insurance Plans, Inspection Reports and Site Plans.

Site Plans

Property Underwriters Site Plans have been produced by the Insurers' Advisory Organization for the past 100 years. These individual design drawings and field surveys identify the location, capacity, and contents of above and below-ground storage tanks, chemical storage, and other forms of environmental hazards.

BC Prairies Ontario Québec Atlantic
Site Plan
n/a n/a $70 $70 $70
Research Fee* $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

*The research fee is applied once per address searched and applies to a full search for Fire Insurance Plans, Inspection Reports and Site Plans.

Air Photos

Aerial photography is an important tool in identifying historical land uses. Aerial photographs with various scales from dates ranging from the late 1920’s up until present are available in digital PDF format at a 300 DPI resolution.

Price: $32 per photo
Turnaround: 5 business days

City Directory

City Directory searches list past occupants and business types for the addresses searched. The search results help determine the potential environmental concerns arising from businesses either at the site location or surrounding properties. Searches are delivered on a standard 5 business day turnaround.

Single subject site search $90.00
Full search $195.00
Custom search To be quoted

Turnaround: 5 business days (may vary for complex sites)

Land Titles

Title searches are an important tool in determining current and past owners of a property. The search results help identify past property uses which in turn might highlight reasons for environmental concern.

Title searches are broken down into two categories:

  • Current or Electronic title which identifies recent ownership transfers and instruments
  • Historic Title includes the current title AND a search of registry records back as far as required. Historic Titles can include full searches for all documents as well as Chain of Title searches which list the ownership transfers and dates only.

The format, turnaround time and pricing of Land Title searches varies by Province and First Nation site.

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